Here are some pictures from the Cambelltown Steam and Machinery Museum Display

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A 2hp Cooper (Stover)

A 4hp Buzacott (copy of a Fuller & Johnson).


Two Vertical Buzacotts.



An original Hercules. And a restored Hercules.

An Associated Manufacturers Six Mule Team.

A Nice Ruston-Hornsby

An Austral by Ronaldson Bros. and Tippett. This one is a magneto engine rather than lamp start.

Another Austral. This time a lamp-start engine.

A 1928 Lister.

1925 Lister.

An Unrestored Lister

Peter Woodmore's Lister Diesel.

1911 Caille.


Lanz Bulldog

Peter Woodmore's Challenge engine and Sunshine Pump.


Peter Woodmore's Buzacott Pumper.

A restored and an unrestored Buzacott.

A Champion engine. Basically the same as the Buzacotts above. All are Fuller & Johnson clones.

A 1910 Hornsby. Beautifully restored it could hardly be heard running.

A Blackstone lamp-start engine.

A cement-mixer driven by an IHC M.

Ronaldson Tippett N and generator.

Napier Deltic.

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