These two pictures show the nice brass carb on the Bartram. Note the air pre-heat tube on the right of the first picture.

The ornate Bartram name plate which is also the crank case cover.

This is the inside of the crankcase.

Here are two views of the Dixie magneto. It is driven by a flick on the eccentric which drives the water pump.

This is the pump eccentric. The mag flick arm can be seen to the left.

The tank end of the Bartram. Note the rotten timbers under the tank allowing the axle to drift.

The wheel hubs have J. Bartram & Son Melbourne cast into them.

The bartram with the head removed. Note the single rust eaten head stud whilst the others are all ok.

Ron Sullivan tightening the last head stud.

Ron and Liz Sullivan watching the Bartram on its return to life. I cannot be seen due to being behind the camera, which is probably just as well as I was grinning like an idiot.

The engine barrel.

The valves. Note the govenor mechanism on the intake valve.

The undersides of the transport. The right hand photo shows the poor condition of the timber.

The pulley and the locking nut on the end of the crank.

The magneto, magneto trip and water pump.


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