Below are two pictures of my Bartram. It is a Bartram engine made here in Australia by Kelly & Lewis. This is my 30th Birthday engine as it was partially financed by my parents as for my 30th Birthday on the 10th Feb. 2000.

It is a 5hp Type A-K Bartram. The engine number is missing off the plate so I supplied what numbers I could find to Clarke Mayze who has the Kelly & Lewis records. His search yielded the following; the number on the head 118 (which seems to usually be the engine number) relates to an engine tested on 20-11-1915; the number on the carby 152 relates to and engine tested on 17-11-1916 and fitted with a Thomson Bennett magneto;and the Dixie magneto no. 96431 relates to Bartram no. 1227 which was tested on 13-6-1919.

I finally ran it for the first time on Sunday March 5th 2000.

Click here for pictures taken on pickup day.

Click here for detail of the Bartram.


For size comparison the engine next to the Bartram is a 7hp lamp-start Austral.

The Bartram on arriving at its current home.

The Bartram at Yerong Creek in 1986.

This is a restored example of the Bartram

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