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Root & Van Dervoort Engineering Company.

The R&V company no longer exists but this site has been produced to give an insight into the company, its history, what they produced and the two men who were instrumental in its success.
My name is Peter Lowe, I am the custodian of the International R&V Stationary Engine Register, this Web site is dedicated to the surviving R&V engines world wide and the people involved in their preservation & restoration. It is open to any R&V owner, so if you have stumbled across my R&V page and would like your engine to be included, please contact me.

What is a register ?? It is a gathering of information on a particular subject, usually coinciding with on going research on that particular subject. Those that give their information do so freely, at the same time the registrars usually donate their time freely and at some personal expense. The purpose for such registers is to preserve information for posterity so that younger generations will be able to carry on restoration work and also to appreciate and learn about how there forebears lived and worked. The information given to the registers does not automatically entitle others access to this information, but on applying to the registrar, information that is not vital to on going research may be given out at the registrars discretion. All personal information given, is treated with the utmost confidentiality unless you give me permission to release it to others. Click on R&V Register link at top of page.

Dating of R&V engines
I now have the information to be able to date nearly all R&V Engines, the minimum requirements are:

            • Name and address of owner, (Postal & Email)
            • Serial number,
            • Bore and stroke size,
            • Flywheel diameter and thickness,
            • Does it have a round or flat push rod,
            • Does it have water or air cooled head.

To contact me via email click here Replies are usually within 24hrs unless I am away.


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