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Wanted: Crank guard for 6hp Triumph Line R&V engine or pattern to make one please. I need an original speed
control handle and perhaps the mechanism and bracket.
Jonathan Biederer
Wanted: Any parts to complete the restoration of my R&V "SR" series 2hp Triumph Line engine. Badly need a dry head, piston, conrod, governor gears and small parts. Peter Lowe
Wanted: I am still trying to locate info on a magneto bracket for my 4 h.p. Can anyone please help.
Rich Dahlen
Wanted: Looking for a 2HP type BL Carby Choke plate. Craig Mathews
Wanted: Flyball governor, pushrod and ignitor trip for a BL series 2hp engine. Larry Wrosch
Wanted: For my 1 hp 'AL' I need the complete governor mechanism -- the flywheel weight is missing on my engine. I could even use pictures and measurements of an original. I am working on a small metal casting outfit and could make a pattern if I had some measurements to go by. Will Simmons ...
Wanted: I need a speed control lever for a 6 hp Triumph line, and I need a mixer for same and crank guard also.
Jonathan Biederer
Wanted: Ignitor for 2hp vertical R&V engine, I need the early horizontally mounted ignitor
Wanted: Mixer, water pump and bracket for 6hp R&V vertical engine - contact: El Juenke

Wanted: Fuel mixer for 6 HP Triumph Line. Doug Frels 641-740-0478,

Wanted: 2HP type BL Crankguard wanted. - Craig Mathews , 818-349-5167 evenings and weekends.
Wanted: Main bearings and piston for a 4hp R&V vertical engine - Kevin Engel
Wanted: BL series 2hp connecting rod contact Peter at:
Wanted: Clutch pulley to fit a 6hp R&V Triumph Line engine. Contact
Wanted: Governor parts for 4hp Triumph Line hit and miss engine. Jim Stigerwalt 570-966-1249
Wanted: Looking for a head, rod end cap, and a crank guard for an "L" series 6hp Triumph Line Engine -
Wanted: I am looking for the following, Head, Carby and Ignitor for BL 2hp engine.

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