Piston & Conrod


The Conrod is R&V Vertical part number 10B. This engine broke a crankshaft and the pounding until it stopped only damaged the babbitt on the top shell of the big end bearing, no rod damage luckily. New babbitt will be poured for the bigend bearing and then pin bored.

The piston wrist pin had to be pressed out as it was quite tight in the piston bearings. The conrod wrist pin bearing is in good condition. The piston is in reasonable shape for 105 years old and will see service once more. I will replace the rings.
Left: Inside my piston it has the number 605? on a small tag with rivets, that tag would have been on the patterns. This as far as I know it is not an R&V number, the number for a 2hp vertical piston should be 7B.
Can anyone tell me what this piston could be out of. The piston is 5 1/2" long x 4 1/2" dia. and 2 1/2" from top of piston to centre of wrist pin.
The piston above is the correct one.