Engine Head

On my engine pictured here, there is a bolt sticking up out of the head with a lock nut. The bolt protrudes into the ignitor chamber.
Looks like someone has removed the primer cup and blanked it off.


The bolt protruding through into the ignitor chamber.

The bolt was just jammed in and sealed with a sealant. Once removed you could see traces of a finer thread. On running a 1/4" NPT tap through the hole, it cleaned the old thread nicely.

The brass tube has a 1/4" NPT thread, so I will acquire a nice primer cup to add to it.

The picture to the left is from a 7hp Vertical R&V Hoisting engine. This picture was from Harry Terpstra in the Netherlands.

Degreasing & decoking 105 years of carbon


Cleaning out the exhaust thread - 1 1/4" pipe

Mandrel for valve seat cutter in place

Exhaust valve before cleaning and facing

Surfacing exhaust valve

Valve re-faced

Valve back in place to check seating.

Valve face covered in bearing blue
I covered the valve face with bearing blue, I then placed it into the seat and spun it one turn and removed it. Where the valve and seat made contact is now shown. The valve seat has made contact with the valve face about the middle, which is fine. I now will cut the valve seat fully and then lap then both together with fine valve grinding paste. Valve face angle is 45 degrees.

Valve seat after coming in contact with blue