This page is going to be on the restoration of my 2hp Vertical engine.
It will be on the full restoration and show every part of the 2hp engine during the restoration process.
It will also be aimed at helping others with hints, tips and measurements.

circa 1903-4 2hp R&V Vertical

After the 2003 R&V Centenary Re-Union in East Moline and Atkinson, Illinois I had my heart set of trying to get a small R&V vertical.
Because of the distance and weight it had to be around the 2hp size, this makes it easier for friends to shuttle across the US and cheaper on freight to Australia. Before I go any further, I must thank the following people below for their assistance.
I would very much like to thank the following people. R&V Register member Kevin Engel for finding this engine, John Tysse the owner, Curt Andree for passing on finances, Steve Barr for the pre-delivery inspection, Lauren Langdon & Wayne Thackery for transport and a special thank you to Rob Skinner and Kelley Garcia for coordinating the whole removal from North Dakota to southern California and then to the container terminal to Australia. Ed Payne for putting me in contact with John Debrinkat the importer to Australia. Without you guys the whole move would not have been possible, and I sincerely thank you all.

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I bought the engine from John Tysse of Crobsy, North Dakota from a photograph supplied by Kevin Engel of Oregon with an inspection later on by engine friend Steve Barr.
It was through my good engine buddy Rob Skinner, that transport was arranged with his friends Wayne Thackery and Lauren Langdon. At this point it was discovered that the engine had a broken crankshaft and an emergency phone call was made to me in Australia. On reading through the engine catalogues that I had, this was not a real problem and it was a drop forged steel crank and could be repaired. So loading continued.
More to come soon
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