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General Description: 1905 :This engine was brought out to meet the demands for a horizontal type of engine embodying the latest improvements in modern gas engine design, that would be moderately low in price, economical in the use of fuel, reliable under all conditions of weather, and at the same time simple in construction.
R&V claimed that this engine was one of the most powerful motors of its kind now on the market.

Governor: Adjustable governor allowed for a 30% variation in speed while running.

Valves: Both inlet and exhaust valves have removable castings permitting removal without dismantling the engine.

Fuel Consumption: The inlet valve is locked on the idle strokes of the engine, this prevents fuel leakage. R&V horizontal engines were as economical as any engine on the market, there was a clause in their guarantee to this affect.

Speed and Power: The listed speed and HP rating of R&V horizontal engines is conservative, increases of around 20 - 25% are easily achievable thus a proporationate increase in power.

Owned by: George Best - USA


1905 R&V Horizontal H&M Engine.
Twin Port Exhaust Port
Governor Mechanism
Governor, Piston and Crankshaft
Head Showing Removable Valve Housings

Rear View

Governor and Governor Latch.


Fuel Pump and Lever

Governor Drive Pinion



Governor Drive Gears

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