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For Sale: 1hp AL series parts: 2 left flywheels, 1 crankshaft, cylinder, base, cam gear and shaft, connecting rod.
Contact Mike on 715 823 6702 in the USA.
For Sale: Ignitor trips for AR & SR model R&V Triumph Line engines. contact Click here for photo
For Sale: I have one good hand crank flywheel and one opposite side flywheel that has a slight wobble about .10" available. I'd like to get $50 for the good one, the other is free to a good home, otherwise it will become yard art. These are 2hp BL flywheels.
Phone: 818-349-5167 email me here


For Sale: Rare 4hp Horizontal Hit & Miss 1907 R&V engine, serial number BB4577. The engine is undercoated and running. It ran nicely at the R&V Re-union in Illinois in 2003 for those who where there. Contact for further details on this engine. Click on image to enlarge.


Rare engine for sale


For Sale: I have flyball governors for AL, BL & CL R&V engines for sale, contact me here

For Sale:

R&V Decals

Suit water tanks and screen cooled tanks

Email  here

Decals are $10 each plus postage

They can be made in different sizes to suit various HP of engine. Contact Mike for dimensions.


For Sale: I have a cylinder, base, crankshaft, flywheel and cam follower for a 6hp DL and a muffler 2 inch pipe for a side shaft. Thanks Mike.

For Sale: I have a set of governor castings for a 6HP DL that are collecting dust on my shelf. All parts are cast in iron and I have some prints with the dimensions that I drew up the last time I machined one up. I also have some springs for the 6hp governor as well if anyone needs a replacement. $160 for the castings a spring included with them and $15 ea on the springs. Pictures are available. And if someone wants the governor machined up we can work something out.
Contact Andy Delikat:


Photos to come

For Sale
Flywheel governor weight springs for R&V Triumph Line 1 & 2hp engines.
They will be $13.50 ea. plus s&h of $2.60 - this is for U.S.A.
Australia would be $7.20 ask for price rest of world.
Thanks Bob. email me at:
or call 484-809-2422

I have 2 engines for sale. I can deliver them down to NJ or to Pa in June at Coolsprings.

The 2 hp has a old repair on the head, is an older restoration and runs. $1250 b/o

Alec Stevens

The 4hp is a nice clean original engine. Has the original muffler and is a southern engine. It is stuck.There is a small hairline crack on the rocker arm, shown in the pics. $2250 or B/O

Alec Stevens

For Sale: 1hp "L" series 1912 Triumph Line engine AL24905.
Priced at $3695. And includes the trucks/crating & shipping by FASTENAL
Contact Larry:
For Sale: I have forsale a nice original 1hp AR50914 engine, it was used to pump water from a mine in Susanville, California. It is in as found condition and runs well. Asking price $2300 ono, contact me Dave Frazier



For Sale
Root & VanDerVoort manufactured for John Deere Plow Co. 1913 Triumph Line. 2HP. This is a very nice engine that I have run at many local shows under a light load. It has very impressive compression, starts very easy and runs very smoothly. It features an uncommon big heavy 10” pulley, crankshaft guard, good looking and hot coil, an intact fuel filter and flywheel key head protector. Many of those are lacking on common R&V’s. The wheelbarrow cart is convenient in tight quarters. No known cracks or repairs. More pictures available on request. Can deliver (free) within 150 miles of Phoenix, AZ or can deliver to Fastenal. ( 602) 908 7025 cell phone.
Price $3000 negotiable

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