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Owned by Steve Gray of California, USA

Before Restoration


Unfortunately, not a lot to tell about the history. This was a swap meet engine I picked up around 14 years ago. It was complete and running, but was missing all the original valve train from the push rod out, which had been home fabricated out of steel plate by someone way back when. There wasn't a scrap of paint on it at the time and the cam gear had had some major surgery somewhere along the line. Restoration included pouring/boring all new babbitt in the mains and rod, new rod bushing, re-repair of the cam gear, addition of a cam bushing and fabrication of an all new cam shaft, metal spraying and turning of the piston back to original size (was about .050" undersize), new valves, all new (cast from another engine) rocker, rocker mount, rocker yoke & ignitor trip machined from castings, new cam follower arm pivot, new reproduction ignitor, new fuel system, and, of coarse paint, decals, pinstripe, new oiler and cart fabrication (did I miss anything?? ;-) ). No idea where or what it was originally used for.



  Steve pictured here with his beautifully restored "L" series 2hp R&V Engine


R&V Tag


View of governor and timing gears


View of governor


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