Engines are owned by Randy L Rockwell and son Randy Jnr of Oregon, USA
Rocky's Model Engines

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Pictured here is Randy L Rockwell and son Randy Jnr with the three R&V models produced by their business.

This engine is the 1/2 scale of a 1 horse R&V that has the single gov wt. in flywheel. This came out in about 1915, this version of simple construction, no brass tag and produced to try and beat out the competition

The vertical R&V is a 5/16 scale of the 4 HP from about 1907 and was screen cooled. The is the updated vertical with the vertically mounted ignitor, the earlier vertical had the horizontal ignitor.

This engine is the 5/16 scale of 1907 4 HP R&V hit and miss fly ball governed engine, screen cooled.

Would you like a model to go with your full sized R&V or is it time that you scaled down to something easier to carry.
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