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Owned by
Patrick Livingstone
and Fiance Ann



12hp L Line ‘Triumph Line’ Engine. 1914
I purchased this engine in August 2000 and it ran for the first time in many years in September 2001. It was in poor condition but 95% complete. Everything on the engine was seized except for the piston. Most of the bolts and pins had to be replaced and many new parts made including the governor assembly and ignitor trip. An original ignitor was sourced from the USA as was a new governor bracket casting. At the moment the engine is running using a hand made, replica, governor bracket made from up scaling a 6hp governor and weights from the USA. The fuel pump and carby were completely rebuilt from poor condition.
The engine had been a garden ornament and had many, many coats of house paint. This was stripped by hand and the engine repainted.
I still need to make up the piping for the air pre-heater and find or make a magneto bracket. The 12hp was my first R&V and has acted like a magnet to others.



1hp L Line ‘Triumph Line’ Engine with flywheel governor. 1912.
This engine was purchased from the USA in December 2002. I decided I needed a 1hp engine to keep the 12hp company and thought I would never find one in Australia. With the help of many fellow collectors the little R&V found its way across the USA and finally arrived home in February 2004. I had the engine running within an hour or so getting it home.

1hp L Line ‘Triumph Line’ Engine with flyball governor. 1912.
After deciding I would not find a 1hp here in Australia and importing one I had this one offered to me in September 2007. I purchased an ignitor, trip & governor from the USA and had the engine running within hours of the parts arriving. It has a bent crank, which will be fixed when I finish the restoration. This engine has a CCM nameplate. See bottom of page.

2hp L Line ‘Triumph Line’ Engine with flyball governor. 1913.
Purchased November 2007. I drove 2400km in two days to bring this one home. It returned to life in July 2008. I replaced the head, rocker & pushrod and made a new head gasket and the engine fired first pull. I may convert it back to low-tension but the high-tension ignition conversion is working very well.

4hp L Line ‘Triumph Line’ Engine with flyball governor. 1913.
Purchased in January 2003 it was missing the rocker arm and mount, ignitor, governor, pushrod, big end cap, and one main cap. The engine was badly seized but is now apart and I also have nearly all the needed parts.

4hp L Line ‘Triumph Line’ Engine with flywheel governor. 1916.
I purchased this engine from northern Queensland in September 2006. I have had it running on the high-tension adaption but it will be returned to low-tension. It is 99% complete; only missing the muffler and fuel line. I have cast a new muffler off the CL. This engine has no sign of having a nameplate fitted.


Thanks Patrick for your contribution this month.

If you would like your engine displayed here for all to see, I need good photos like these and a write up about the engine.
Peter Lowe
R&V Registrar


Footnote from R&V Registrar

The engine tag to the left is on Patrick's 1hp AL28414 above.
The engine was imported into Brisbane, Australia by CCM (Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd.) They had agencies in Melbourn, Townsville, Brisbane, Lismore, Perth, Kalgoorlie and other towns in Australia. They imported and sold just about anything. The R&V tag was replaced with this tag, the word TRIUMPH relates to the R&V "Triumph Line" of engines.

Founded in 1899, the Canadian Cycle and Motor Company was one of the largest suppliers of bicycles in North America CCM also manufactured automobiles under the name Russell — after company general manager Thomas O. Russell. CCM began manufacturing ice skates in the 1910’s to bolster sales during the winter months. Today, the company remains well known, primarily as a result of its production of ice hockey equipment. This 1918 CCM catalog shows the bicycle company at its zenith. Filled with fascinating accessories and cycles.

Information courtesy www.lulu.com and R&V Register

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