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Jeff Fenske, Fresno, California, USA

I rescued this 1916 BR series 2 3/4 horse Triumph from an old barn a few miles west of Fresno, California about four years ago. The original owner had recently passed away and we were able to purchase it before the estate sale. It was in pretty sad shape. It was a one owner engine and originally pumped water for the tank house. One of the selling points for me was that the name plate showed that it was sold in Fresno, Calif. which is where I live.

With a little bit of sweat and elbow grease and a few dollars it has turned into an engine that has been to many engine shows and runs great. The piston, valves, and every other part came off without a problem. I sand blasted everything and painted it. I had to order a new fuel tank and muffler. I also build a cart for it.

This is my first engine restoration and was very enjoyable to see it transform into an engine that I am proud to display.

Jeff Fenske Fresno, California U.S.A.

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Magneto side view

Front view



Exhaust side view

Brass tag showing the Californian Dealer

Upside down Wizard magneto

Tag restored

Nicely restored and ready to show

A proud owner and a well earned drink

Rare and nicely restored Wizard magneto

Thanks Jeff, nice article and a great restoration job.

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Peter Lowe
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