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Owned by
Pablo Vigliano

R&V Verticals
Serial # B3046 & B3298



Typical of many engines that were exported far away from the factory, modifications were made to keep these engines running efficiently. Quite often ignitors or batteries were a problem for unskilled labour to maintain.
Note the spark plug conversion.

Also note the chain on the left crankshaft, this would have driven a high tension magneto to the spark plug.
Fuel pump, pipework and mixer are missing.



Pablo requires some parts to complete this restoration, mixer, fuel pump, ignitor, ignitor trip etc.
Can anyone help, if so contact site owner.

Pablo also has an original Agar Cross Co. Ltd Spare Parts List for the R&V Vertical engine.
Agar Cross were distributors of many items including gas engines.


Agar Cross Co. Ltd Buenos Aires
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