"R & V" 2½hp Vertical "Easy Cooler" Engine
Open Jacket or Hopper Cooled
Hit-and-Miss Governing.

Serial Number Prefix = BS XXXX
BS denotes the "Easy Cooler" model and the XXXX is the serial number

R&V Easy-Cooler Engines for 1910 were available only in a 2½ hp size. In a departure from earlier practice, R&V featured spark plug ignition on this model, but hit-and miss governing remained. By this time the engines were leaving the factory with a coat of green enamel comparable to DuPont Dulux No. 93-5316. Elaborate black and gold striping was also used, with a battery box universally carrying the R&V trademark in a bright yellow color.

Description: This engine - as illustration and name above would imply - has an exceptionally simple cooling system, no tank, pump or piping being required. The cooling water is contained in the open jacket or hopper, which, having no pipes or fittings exposed, is practically frost proof.

A large drain cock is provided, so that if the engine is to be exposed to freezing weather for any lengths of time, water can be drained in a moment's notice.

About four gallons of water placed in the hopper will run the engines at its maximum capacity for from three and a half to four hours, and on medium or intermittent loads, eight to twelve hours without refilling.

On account of its compactness and ease of setting up, the engine is specially adapted for the farmer wanting power to run pump, churn, cream separator, etc. It will also do light sawing and feed grinding.

To meet the growing demand for a suitable hand-truck upon which to mount small engines, we have brought out a line of trucks specially designed for the work in question.

These Trucks are exceptionally strong. The axles are made of square steel turned down at the ends to properly fit the reamed holes of the metal truck wheels, the front axle being provided with a pivoted fifth-wheel that permits the truck wheels to take the inequalities of the road with absolutely no strain to the frame. The wheels are of proportions best suited for the purpose; the rear wheels are 14 inches in diameter and the front wheels are 12 inches in diameter, by 2½ inch face.

The trucks are made in four sizes and we recommend the following Engines.

No.1 Truck - for Easy Cooler, 2½ hp vertical and 4 hp Air Cooled Engines.

No.2 Truck - for 4 hp Vertical Engines

No.3 Truck - for 3 hp Horizontal Volume Governing and 4 hp Horizontal Hit-and-Miss Governing Engines.

No.4 Truck - for 5 hp Horizontal Volume Governing and 6 hp Horizontal Hit-and-Miss Governing Engines.

The Root & Van Dervoort Engineering Company

East Moline, Illinois, U.S.A.

"R & V" 2½hp Vertical "Easy Cooler" Engine

2½ hp, 400 rpm,

24" Flywheels each weighing 110 lbs,

shipping weight 825 lbs.

A Rare R&V "Easy Cooler" BS 8281 owned by Chris Epping of Nebraska, USA

No.1 Truck - For Easy Cooler 2½ hp vertical and 4 hp Air Cooled engines.

Name tag on Kevin Behnke's "Easy Cooler", note the John Deere dealer in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Easy Cooler BS10266, photographed by Bill Calvert of Arizona, USA

Easy Cooler owned by Kevin Behnke (USA)

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