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Water pump for R&V vertical, including mounting bracket
$175US + postage, castings only, no machining.

Mike Schlender - WI -
use subject line in email as "R&V water pump

Original truck wheels - would like to make a pattern if anyone can help.

Don Oberholtzer
no pics yet

SR Triumph Line blank piston

These castings were designed from the original piston of a 2 hp "SR" R&V engine. Extra stock was allowed on the outside to accommodate larger bore engines. It can be machined to a bore ranging from 4.000 inches to 4.312 inches. The original pin height of the R&V is 2 5/16 from bottom, stock is available to machine pin bore higher or lower by 5/16 inches. A drawing is available of the casting, and questions are welcomed. Priced at $85.00 USD, plus $12.50 shipping, within the lower 48 states. Outside the USA, actual shipping.

Phil Schumacher

For sale: Friction drive magneto bracket for vertical R&V. This is a reproduction casting and it bolts to the two top bolts on the crankcase cover plate. It fits the 2hp, 2 1/2hp & 3hp R&V Vertical.
The magneto bolts to the bracket and friction drives from flywheel. They look great at shows, more moving parts for the spectators to see and were an R&V option.
For picture of bracket contact Mike below here.
use subject line in email as "
R&V Mag bracket".


Mike Schlender - WI -

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