Vertical Air-Cooled Engine

Hit & Miss Governing

Made in 4 hp only.

A rare R&V Vertical Air-Cooled Engine.

"R&V" on an Engine Denotes Quality and Justifies the Price.

Click on either fan cowling to reveal the finned head/barrel.

Vertical Air-Cooled Engine

"R&V Vertical Air-Cooled Engine

c.1910 saw R&V offering this vertical air cooled model, offered that year in only a 4hp size.

This outfit, though similar in principle and general outline to our Standard Vertical Engines, requires no cooling system whatever. It is strictly air-cooled - water tank, pipe connections, hoses, etc., being entirely dispensed with. Again, like other R&V engines, no effort was spared to adorn the engine from top to bottom with fancy pin striping.

Compact. Cylinder and cylinder head in one casting. No packing to blow out. Hinged crankcase. Reducing gears and all working parts enclosed. All bearings renewable and adjustable. Ball bearing fan, reducing friction to the minimum. Self-contained, gasolene supply in base. Supplementary or double ported exhaust, thus relieving and preserving the exhaust valve. No cooling tank. Light weight.

Engine mounted skids with battery box attached containing a set of dry cells; high tension spark coil with switch and wiring, two spark plugs, monkey wrench, two connecting-rod wrenches, spanner wrench, oil can and muffler; also an instruction manual for setting up, starting and general care of engine.

The cylinder/head is finned to allow for extra cooling area, this is surrounded by a metal cowling which aids the direction of air flow over the head and barrel by the fan.

Dimentions and weight of the R&V Vertical Air Cooled Engine
Hit & Miss Governing

Revs per
Floor space
Drive Pulley
Dia -----Face
Shipping weight
400 to 450
33" x 56"
10" ..........6"
810 lbs

Note: The above rating is based on gasolene or distilate as fuel and at approximetely sea lecel.
Under these conditions all engines will stnad a liberal overload at spedds given. For every one thousand feet altitiude deduct 3% from above rating. When engines are to be run on gas, kerosene or alcohol the order should so specifiy.


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