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Triumph Line Oilers
Info sent by members.

The oilers on R&V engines were made by G.B. Essex Brass Co., Detroit, MI.
There is nothing special about these other than the make for originality in restoring.
These measurements are from an R&V 'Triumph Line" engine, believed to be original.
The glass measures about 1-5/8" round X 1-3/4" tall. It's about 4-1/2" over
all tall. It has a 1/4" pipe thread. The fill hole has a 1/8" thread plug. The drip setup is typical.
Look here: http://www.essexbrass.com/sfo2.htm

R&V Triumph Line ignitors are made by the following people:

The original R&V part number is #BL34 and covers all models of "L" Series Triumph Line engines, and all the "R" series engines, with a modification to the HR 16hp & JR 20hp engines.

RandyL Rockwell
Our Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~randyarockwell
Mid-Valley Model Engineers of Oregon Association Member

Don Miller

Low tension ignition coils, battery boxes, crank guards, fuel tanks and cooling tanks in stock!
John makes crank guards for the 2 & 4hp Triumph Line engines. Anyone who has a guard and lives near John, can you take your guard to John to have a pattern made so others can have guards made also. He also has the measurments for screen cooled tanks as well.
John Wanat & Sons
P.O. Box 275
West Redding, CT 06896


Full Line Supplier of antique engine products: Some R&V Repro parts available.
Starbolt Engine Supplies
3403 Buckeystown Pk.
Adamstown, MD 21710
(301)874-2821 8:30AM to 4:30PM
(301)694-2821 5:00PM to 9:00PM

See Our Web Page: http://www.enginads.com/starbolt/

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