A trip to western New South Wales, Australia saw me following the wires to old farm houses and along disused railway lines. I thought that this area had been cleaned out but to my surprise there were plenty to be found. Unfortunately the only glass were the small CD423's, but I did find porcelain that I do not have.

Off the bitumen and onto the minor gravel roads that lead up to the many rural properties I came across many of these small porcelains on two wire branch lines. They are expoxyed onto the metal pin.

Moving on from the small back roads and branch lines, we reached Moree where I followed the railroad tracks to Narrabri. The signal wires and poles are still connected but are not used today as the outback stations are all connected by modern phone links.

Note the transposition points above. The picture left, is a grain handling terminal in the tiny township of Gurley. Between Moree and Narrabri there are 4 wires, but at this station there are six wires, 2 extra wires run out to the signals either side on the station.

The telephones shown here are in the signal shed, above left. They show the old manual wind up phone and the new digital push button. Both systems are operational.

Trunk Insulator

Moree is cotton country and very flat, the rail tracks, signal poles and power poles merge into the horizon.

Relics from a bygone era reach for the sky like forgotten statues.

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