The various railway companies (LMS LNER GWR SR etc) became British Railways upon nationalisation in 1948. BR was split into different regions BR(W) - Western Region BR(M) Midland Region etc. The main manufacturers for the railway were Wade and Bullers. The latter probably having the lion's share of orders.

British Rail (Western)
Railway signal insulator The inscription BR(W) 1957 with inner & outer skirt flush. - Cordeaux pattern/type Post 1946

LNER - London & North Eastern Railways

Railway Signal insulator - Cordeaux pattern/type Post 1946. This insulator was sent to me from England, note the smoke encrusted on the insulator from the days of the steam engine.
The London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) was the second-largest of the "Big Four" railway companies created by the Railways Act 1921 in Britain. It existed from 1 January 1923 until nationalisation on 1 January 1948, when it was divided into the new British Railways' Eastern Region, North Eastern Region and partially the Scottish Region. The total route mileage was 6590 miles (10,605 km). Sir Ralph Wedgwood was the Chief Officer of the LNER for its first 16 years.


Great Western Railways

Railway Signal Insulator - Cordeaux pattern/type Pre 1946

Note the extended inner skirt, no other markings or date.

British GPO

Porcelain Telephone Insulator with no makers markings, but it is stamped GPO on the top -Cordeaux pattern/type Post 1946

Type 16 Telephone Terminal Insulator


Markings on lid, GPO 47, made 1947
The composition insulator is a terminal insulator, Type No.16. Usually used at the consumer's premises. Bare (copper) wire is led in through a small hole in the wire groove to the chamber at the top. It's joined to the insulated drop wire which enters the premises. The chamber was usually, but not always filled with bitumen or other sealing compounds. It is said that they should be taken out of service five years after the date of manufacture. Presumably due to them slowly "breaking down". They seemed to stay in service far longer than five years though!


Unmarked Porcelain telephone insulator with extended inner skirt.
Cordeaux pattern/type Pre 1946


LMS - London Midland Scottish

In 1923 four great railways were formed by the Railways Act of 1921, the London, Midland and Scottish is the largest. It is the only British railway serving England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Excluding the Irish Northern Counties Committee and certain joint lines, its route mileage is 6,758, and its total length, reduced to single track, is 18,921 miles.

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