Left; Porcelain U-1154 complete with transmission wire and house take off tails. Made by R. Fowler Ltd in 1944. These were the accepted Trunk Insulator from 1938 on.

Right: This great looking Porcelain Insulator setup comes from near Israelite Bay in Western Australia. It is a "Slaters Acme" with screwed peg and cast bracket. It was one of very few found on an old disused telegraph line that was in operation from the 1880's to 1927. This was very kindly sent to me by Ann & Richard Millard, with whom I swapped insulators to acquire this great piece. There sure are some great people in this hobby, thanks mates.


Porcelain Insulator imported from Germany for use in Australia

This insulator was made in Germany by "Porzellanfabrik Hermsdorf-Klosterlausnitz"(PHK), a large porcelain company in the small towns of Hermsdorf and Klosterlausnitz (State of Thuringia). The company used the "PHK" trademark from 1900 to 1913. From 1913 to 1923 a "triangle with the letter H in it" was used. From 1923 on the famous tridelta trademark (three triangles) was used. The factory only just closed its doors in 2000. Thanks to Gunther Ulrich Aselmeyer of Germany for identifying this insulator. It was found on one of the Brisbane rail lines by my son Chris.

These 4 are roughly the same size, about 3 1/2", but have different wire groves/ridges, some are brown, & white. Some are quite crudely made.

This porcelain insulator is larger than the U-1154 made by R.Fowler, and was made by Dalton Industries Australia. Does anyone have any history on Dalton's operations as far as insulators go? I would like to hear from you.
This small brown insulator was made by Koster Products, their family factory was at Magill about 4 miles from Adelaide's town center in South Australia & closed in 1980. They made electric jugs & Insulators.   Lightening arrestor from Western Australia Government Railways