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This old iron hobby of ours has attracted the greatest bunch of men and women that I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with. If you are interested in old iron or would just like to ask a question, please do so as there will definitely be someone here who can answer it for you. I have placed some links to other Home Pages that might be of interest to Old Iron Collectors. Drop on in, I am sure these people would welcome yo'all, let them know what you think by leaving them a courtesy note.

Anson Museum UK Rob and Kelly's Old Iron 
Sandy, Duncan and the Rabbits. SEL Flame Mistress & Jim 
Ted's Ignitors  Elden's Old Engines
Harry's Old Engine Shed 

Reg's Model Engines & Stuff 

Ben's Engines  Rockie's Model Engines
Maytag Owners Club  The Evan's Brothers engines
Rotigel & Sons Antique Engines 

Leroys Old Engines 

Patrick's Old Engines in Oz  Peter & Rita Forbes' Engines
Fero Air Compressors

Jim & Jan Dunmyer 

Dick's Web Site 

IHC Parts

Adrie & Jeanne Oostvogels van Dijk  Steam & Engine Australia
Tom Winland's Engines  

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