Making Transporter Wheels

The availability of cast iron wheels is getting scarce so I am forced to make my own wheels for engine transporters.

The wheels are made from 8" steel pipe, the discs are cut and welded inside. The hubs are fitted and welded and then the centres are bored. The 1 1/2" holes are then drilled using a radial drilling machine. They are then painted black.

The axles and fixtures are made up and then the completed wheel assembly is bolted to transporter.

Making 24" wheels for the 3hp Austral

The original Austral wheels were cast but due to their high price and rare availability I have decided to make my own. They are not like the original but I am content with the way they have turned out. There is a lot more work in these larger wheels so I will go through their construction as work progresses.

The cut 24" pipe is aligned in the lathe chuck.

Work mate, Fred, machines the oxy cutting slag off rim edge and machines them to the correct width.

Rim machining completed, spokes and hub cut to size. The hub could have been larger in diameter but beggars can't be choosers.

Welding completed, the wheel will now be mounted back into the lathe to find the hub centre, boring of hub centre is next.

Drilling hole for axle 1 7/8"

Boring drilled hole to correct size.

Work mates Peter and Fred

Wheels now on cart of my 3hp Austral