Yankee Engines

washed up on distant shores.

My first US Engine was my Root & Van Dervoort 2hp Triumph Line engine. It was given to me by Iris MacPherson of Maclean, the town where we live. Iris is related to Kaye, and this engine was used by her late husband for cutting fire wood and stringers for fishing boats. It was complete except for the Wizard magneto and muffler, these items were later acquired and fitted.

Root & Van Dervoort 2hp Triumph Line.

My R&V as found and having been converted to Bosch rotary magneto.

New white metal (babbitt) main bearings poured on the job, a dummy shaft was fitted, moulds machined for the ends and sealed with muffler putty. Shims were placed under the bearing caps. I used a silicon mould release agent to reduce metal sticking to the moulds. The metal was poured down through the oil holes in the bearing caps. It is always a worry pouring your first bearing but after that the rest are easy. The main danger is moisture in the muffler putty, so this must be left to dry completely before pouring. The shims were pulled out and the bearing cut in half insitu with a hacksaw blade. The bearing halves were then machined and placed back together and the bearing caps re-shimmed with a selection of fine shims and tightened down. The bearing surface was then line bored to suit crankshaft. The crankshaft was then re-fitted, greased and run by hand with the flywheels on. The bearings were then checked for movement and the fine shims adjusted to suit. The end.

My R&V together and ready for painting, note the rare Wizard magneto, also not all R&V engines seem to have their original fuel tank bases still in tact like mine.

I am the custodian of the International Root & Van Dervoort Register with over 800 R&V engines listed so far from the USA, Australia, UK and Argentina.

Original Pin kindly given to me by Glenn Karch, USA

R&V badge I recently acquired from Ebay.(Thanks to friends)

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Westinghouse E30 Light and Power Plant

My Second US Engine is my Westinghouse E30 Light and Power Plant. I bought this engine at the "Rusty Iron Rally 2000" at Wauchope. It is free but needs re-sleeving, and most of the parts are there. It needs a new regulator, tin ware and minor repairs.

Westinghouse E30, viewed from both sides.

Westinghouse E30, view of generator and controls

I am after the "Battery Meter" pictured left.

The parts I am after are marked with a cross.