British Engines sent to slavery Down Under

The engines below are British made and are un-restored at present.

This is a Stewart Engine, made by Stewart Turner Ltd, a water cooled two stroke engine #35992, 800rpm, Type R3Y. I am told it was coupled to a generator but these were also used in small yachts etc. This engine was bought for a bottle of Bourbon. It has full compression and is complete.

This is a 1926 Wolseley R model 21/2 hp Shearing Engine, mostly made for the Australian shearing market, not many reside in the UK.

This is a Wolseley 4hp, R model, Shearing Engine, complete, free, runs and ready for restoration.

I also have:

1936 Lister CS (Cold Start) 3hp Diesel

Lister D 2hp petrol #11106D2, 1000rpm

BSA Power Unit, #50B-14885