Old Iron from Oz

Below are some of my Australian made engines, some common and not so common. Browse through and take a look.


Moffat Virtue 2hp 1938, before and after. Although MV's were a common farm engine this model only lasted for about 2 years before being superceded by the V3 series 2 1/4 & 3hp models.It is not a very common rally engine.

Ronaldson Tippett - Austral

My October 1922, Ronaldson Bros & Tippett "Austral" 3hp, #4228, sideshaft, lamp start, kerosene engine. This engine weighs in at approx. 850kg and was brought back from Brisbane, Queensland. The original owner lives only 15 kms from my place, so the engine is almost home again.
A closer look at the Austral 3hp. This engine is complete,free and with the original burner. I am waiting to build a transporter so that I can begin restoration. Apart from my R&V, this holds pride of place in my meagre collection.

Moffat Virtue V3 series -3hp, #52659

This series engine, the V3, came in 2 1/4 & 3hp, they were a very common and reliable Aussie engine.

This is my Moffat Virtue V3 series 3hp vertical petrol engine Cir.1947. I used 3 of these common farm engines to make the one working display as they were all in poor condition.

The left hand photo shows the finished generator and switchboard under test on my Dad's bench. This part was beautifully restored by my father, Jim. Right, shows the finished display with the engine coupled to the 32 volt 1000 watt generator, It is in all its glory shown here at night at the annual Grafton Agricultural Show, 2000.

This is my Barlow model D, #615D, 1920 engine. The crankcase inspection plate on this engine has "Baltic Barlow" cast into it, as it was sold to the Baltic Separator Company in Sydney. The standard engines had "Barlow Ballina" on the plates. Many other companies had their names also cast into this plate as they fitted these small engines to their equipment. It is awaiting a big end re-metal and a paint job. E.R.Barlow sold engines to various companies, mainly tied up in the dairy industry. They were used on pumps, separators, milking machines etc.

This is my Cooper RV1 compressor unit #RV0550070. The RV1 engine is a common little engine in Oz copied under licence from the US Iron Horse engine company. It is coupled here to a small rotary compressor made by Cheras Industries in Brisbane. They made the compressors for only 4 years, between 1954 and 1958, the factory still exists today. They are a specialist aluminium casting foundry. I contacted them and only one man who works there knows anything about these units. He gave me the last coloured sales brochures and an instruction book that they had left. (lucky find) The compressors were mainly used with constant bleed paint spraying outfits. Bought at Auction from Kevin Kempnich of Maclean, NSW.

Baltic Simplex 3 hp

Other Aussie engines under restoration are:

Cooper RV1, 1hp

Kelly and Lewis - Mark IV D-A

Cooper PT

Alfa-Austral Engine (R&T) type N, 3hp, #49842

Buzacott (Westinghouse Rosebery) 2CH, #C42388

Rosebery farm pumper