Owned & Showed by

Kaye Lowe, Maclean, NSW, Australia

"Matilda" the Aussie Maytag

My Maytag on display at Portland, Indiana, 1999, before restoration. It was entered and run at Portland enabling me to get the show plaque and badge seen on the finished restoration below.


My 1946 Maytag Model-72 Multimotor twin cylinder two stroke after restoration. 

(Note the Portland, Indiana Show plaque and badge, 1999)

This Motor/Engine was purchased in Portland, Indiana, USA in 1999, from our good engine buddy Leroy Clark, while attending the Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Association’s annual show. My husband bought the engine for me for our 26th Wedding Anniversary, which happened to coincide with our trip to Portland. It was transported on our flight back to Australia as hand luggage wrapped inside a cooler (Esky). It was nicknamed Matilda the Aussie Maytag by those at the rally.

Work done: General clean down, painted, new gaskets & decals, conrods replaced (thanks to Rob Skinner) and big-end bearings re-bored by my mate Steve at Repco Grafton, Flywheel straightened, mounted on wooden frame for display.

I was presented with my restored engine at a Christmas engine party with friends at our home, I unveiled my engine and it started first kick, truly :-))

Slightly sun burnt here with my trophy for runner up in the under 3hp enclosed crankcase category at the "Rusty Iron Rally", Wauchope 2000. Great weekend.

My 1936 Maytag 92 single cylinder two stroke awaiting delivery.

My new Maytag 92 was bought on Ebay from Florida, USA. With the help of good engine buddy Ron Carol (Maytag Twin) it was sent to his place in Virginia. From there it was taken to Portland, Indiana and handed over the Arnie Fero and taken back to Pennsylvania. From Arnie's place it was picked up by another great engine couple Rob Skinner and Kelly Garcia and taken back to Kalifornia:-). It is now awaiting delivery to Oz. It will probably be the most travelled Maytag in history after covering approx. 12,500 miles.

A big thank you to my husband for his skills in restoring Matilda.

I now have a 1928 Maytag model 92 ringer washing machine for the above 92 engine. More to come on this soon.