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February 22nd - I spent about 3 hours today removing as many parts off the tractor as possible (while still allowing it to be moved).  This included the seat assemble, steering wheel, brake cables and pulleys, and a few other parts.

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August 26, 2004 - Not much more progress yet this year.  I did reverse directions to some degree and decided to put it together and make it run before painting.  I put a lot back together, but have stalled as I spent much of the summer working on my "new"  Massey Ferguson MF35X, along with a bit of work around the property.  I likely will not do much more until I have the head rebuilt.  In the meantime I need to try to tackle the magneto and carb.  I will probably get back to this project in October.

September 11, 2005

OK, so I was close.  It is almost October.  Wrong year, but hey.  Anyway, I hope that I am back at it now as it been 18 months since much has been done.  Last night, I pulled it back into the garage and worked on the magneto and gas tank.  The mag for this tractor needed a lot of work as it has not run in about 50 years.  The mag on my other F-20 died, so I took the mag off this one to Portland this year and trade it in on a rebuilt mag from Mark's Magnetos and put that onto my other F-20.  That left me with a mg off my other F-20 that did not work.  Last night, I took it apart, cleaned it, and replaced the points and condensor.  After some tweaking of the points setting, I have a live mag again.

I also spent some time trying to clean out the gas tank.  For the last 18 months it has had carb cleaner soaking in it to clean off the layer of sludge.  It did a very good job, but as I did not have it full, it did not do much more than the bottom.  I have put some more carb cleaner in it and have set it on its side so that I can tackle one of the sides.  I may take some rocks and put them in the tank and strap the tank the a tire of My MF-35 to help loosen things up.  This is a suggestion I have received from many.  For now, I will get some more card cleaner from work and let that do its thing.

The next step I have planned is honing the cylinders so that I can put the pistons back in.  I do have the head back from getting rebuilt  ($$$ouch$$$) so I can start charging ahead on getting it running.  I'll also be working on the carb as well.  It has been so long that I will need to make sure I have new rings for it.

More soon (I hope)!!!

September 18, 2005

Today I did the best I could do at honing the cylinders.  I am no pro by any means but hopefully the old engine will forgive me if I did not do it quite right.  One cylinder does appear to be a problem child, however, in that it is still not smooth and shiny like the rest.  There also seems to be a couple small divots in the lining.  Not a big surprise given the condition it was in before, but a bummer nonetheless. Right now, I am asking for feedback as to the usability of this sleeve.  Here is a before picture and a couple after pictures.   

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March 12, 2006

I decided not to use the sleeve in question and was able to buy another used sleeve that was in good shape.  I was lucky enough to be lent a sleeve puller by a fellow member at Hudson Mills.  The sleeve came out much easier than I had anticipated.  I also finally figured out what is meant by the term "wet sleeve".  Having learned that, I decided to go ahead and take all four sleeves out so that I can better clean the engine.  They all came out fairly easily.  I also ordered new sleeve O-Rings and a couple other detail items like fuel tank webbing in anticipation of starting assembly soon.  If all goes well and she fires up, then I will tackle the paint.

I also worked a little more at cleaning the fuel tank today, then secured it in the bed of my truck with a few rocks in the tank along with carb cleaner.  Hopefully, a few days of that and it will be looking pretty good.

I just incurred my biggest expense to tires.  Ouch.  Could have gone slightly cheaper, but I went with Firestones, as they are made in the USA.  I went with 16.9-24 to match the size of the ones that came off.

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