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November 23,2003 - I had some more time to work on the F-20 today.  Here are a few pictures of the tractor as it stood at the beginning of the day.

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Today, I took off the manifold off the head finally.  The old manifold is useless, but my parts tractor has one that looks good, so I have that head in the garage ready to take the manifold off when the time comes.  They do look a little different, however, and I'd be happy to hear why and about any problems I may have using it.

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(I was told that this is a Heisler manifold and will work quite well.  Thanks!!!)

The other items accomplished today were the removal of the fame assembly and radiator.  Here are a few pictures of the tractor at the end of the day.

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November 26,2003 - A little more progress, and of course a few more questions.  At this point, it appears that I have made the unconscious decision to tear the engine apart to figure out the cause of its continued lack of movement.  Today, I removed the front engine mounting bolts and loosened the rear (so any slight raising or lowering of the front of the engine would not stress the rear mounts too much).  I then set out to remove the front of the engine, so that I could get a better look at what may be going on there that could cause the engine to remain stuck.  After removing a few of the bolts, I got to looking at the crankshaft pulley and concluded that I needed to tackle its removal before taking any more bolts out.  Upon further inspection, I noted that the part upon which the hand crank engages has a screw set into it to hold it on the shaft it is mounted on.  It also appeared that this had to come off first, before the pulley.  Thus, I loosened the screw, but found that the part would not come off (did not try to force it).  It also appears that after I get this part off, I will need to loosen the crankshaft pinion nut nut in order to go any farther.  

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February 16, 2004 - I don't realize just how little I am doing on this project until I go to put in a new entry into this project summary and see that the last time I did so was 3 months ago (that was about the last time it was above freezing though).  I did abandon my previous course of tearing the engine all the way apart and instead decided to apply some force to the situation.  Thus, a couple weeks ago, I put the rear tires back on and hitched the drawbar to the hitch on my truck and rocked it back and forth.  I finally did get a little movement (about 10 degrees) in the crank.  Then, last week, while my dad was visiting, we managed to get it the rest of the way unstuck, using a crowbar to rotate the coupling between the engine and transmission.  The engine now is completely freed up!!!  A very big moment it the process in my mind, as I can now start thinking in terms of moving toward the day when it will run again, rather than just hoping I can get it freed up.

This being my first attempt at bringing a tractor back to life, I suspect there will be a lot of items I don't do that someone performing a real restoration would do.  Much of this is through lack of knowledge and inexperience, so if you find yourself thinking "he should be doing....", please take a moment to drop me a line.

My current thinking is that I will take measurements of what I can and try to compare with the specs I have or can find, and assuming everything checks out, I will start the process of further disassembly with the goal of painting the tractor before reassembling it and trying to make it run.  I'll sandblast anything cast I can take off the tractor, and wire brush what I cannot take off, as I do not want sand getting near the open engine.

At some point, I'll have to find something to practice painting on.  As I get closer to that point, any advice on paints, primers and techniques will be appreciated.  Much to do before then though, so any advice on the current phase is also very much appreciated.

It is supposed to make it into the 40's this week, so maybe I'll make it out to the garage in the evenings this week.

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