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November 11,2003 - Since my last entry in May, I have made some additional progress in disassembling the engine and various other parts of the tractor.  I have also moved inside.  Here are some pictures of the oil pan, the crankcase, and the bottom of the pistons.

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Here are a couple pictures of my son and I working on the F-20.

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Great News!!!  I have freed all the pistons.  Pistons one and four came free fairly easily with some pressure from an jack applied carefully to the connecting rod (lower end removed first). The other two came free as well, but took a bit more pressure.  I also lightly honed the cylinder walls on two and three, as they were pretty rusted.  They cleaned up real well, and I now hope I can leave them in place.  After giving my work area a thorough cleaning, I plan to remove the pistons and see how the pistons and bores look.  I need to figure out where to go from there, as the stuck pistons were one of my two major problems I wanted to clear up.  The left rear wheel does not turn without a lot of effort, and then it is very noisy.  I'd like to figure that out soon, but I probably should not have too much apart at the same time.

I don't think I am ready for a full restoration of the engine, but I will do my best in taking what measurements I can to make sure I don't have any other obvious problems.  At the least, I am sure a new set of rings will be in order.  Another issue I have is determining how to clean the engine well without taking it off.  There is a lot of rust in the areas where the coolant flows.  More later.

November 18, 2003 - Well, the challenges keep presenting themselves.  The celebration over finally breaking the pistons loose was short-lived, as the remainder of the engine is still stuck.  The crankshaft will not budge. I have already ruled out the most obvious possibility, that of it being in gear. 

I can move the rear wheels when in neutral. One is very hesitant, but that is another issue to follow.

With the clutch in, the clutch universal joint spins freely.

I removed the access plate off the clutch housing, and other than some sludge, nothing sticks out to the inexperienced eye. No rust at all.

I do have the head off and the cam followers out. I also have the magneto removed (still attached to its mounting hardware/gears).

I unbolted the two bolts that I thought would allow me to drop the oil pump, but it would not budge.

So, through some elimination is it safe to narrow it down to the main roller bearings, camshaft, or oil pump shaft? I do not know much about the clutch pressure plate, so I guess that is still in the mix as well?

I have the rear wheels off already so rocking back and forth is not so simple. That said, I could have them back on in 10 minutes. Is it OK to try rocking it, or do I need to further narrow the problem down?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Keep in mind this is my first time tearing a tractor apart (or much of anything for that matter), so try to assume I need the thorough explanation on what may seem simple to most.

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