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Our herd of colored angora goats, white angora goats, and a few fainters are wonderful. We also have a pony and a small flock of chickens. We are living our dream. I have my animals and my husband has his antique tractors and engines to use and restore. The kids get to see how vegetables are grown and enjoy training the animals for 4H shows.


Welcome to MacGregor Hollow!


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Contact Information

MacGregor Hollow

Melanie Pitts 

4515 Waters Rd

Ann Arbor, MI

734 741-9185










MacGregor means "son of a flocksman" or "watchman" and is the clan my family came from. What a perfect name for our fiber farm.




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Gaelic Name MacGhriogair
War Cry Ard Choille! (The woody height!)
Plant Badge Pine/Scots Fir
Pipe Tune Ruaig Ghlinne Fregine: the Chase (or Rout) of Glen Fruin

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