The Second Southwest Regional Hot Air Meet, 2005

I enjoyed the 2001 SW Regional Hot Air Meet so much I wasn't going to miss the next one, no matter what. I wasn't disappointed! It was a very enjoyable affair.

A number of notables participated in the show, including Paul Jacobs and Daniel Lyonett who came all the way from France! I'm not sure, but I do believe I saw Bob Sier from England, as well.

A pall of sadness overshadowed the affair, however. Elaine Everson and Jerry Swedberg (Mr. Rollag) brought bad news from Minnesota: Ole and Wally Berge could not attend because Ole was very recently diagnosed with cancer of the larynx.

Elaine and Jerry spent most of their time video-taping the displays and recording get well wishes, all for Ole's benefit. What a thoughtful gesture!

Here is a sampling of what we saw. If you note any errors in the captions or can supply any additional information, please e-mail me and I'll make whatever changes are needed.

A note regarding file sizes: The enlarged views are sized to fit a 1024 X 768 pixel monitor. File sizes range from 60 to 150 kilobytes. Granted, they are not dial-up friendly, but if you are a hot air enthusiast you will surely want as large a picture as possible.

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Orrin Iseminger

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Buster Brown chats with a spectator as his monster 10-inch "REECO" pumping engine rumbles with authority.

If you attended the first SW Regional Hot Air Meet, you probably saw this very engine. It arrived late after being held up by Customs at the US/Canada border.


Imagine my surprise when I walked into the hot air building and there was Daniel Lyonnet who came all the way from France. Mr. Lyonnet's name is very familiar to the hot air engine community.

Here, Daniel demonstrates his ingenious ASAP (As Simple as Possible) hot air engine.

With the help of Daniel's kit of parts, its clever design makes it possible to build a hot air engine with ordinary hand tools.

Besides the ASAP, Mr. Lyonnet displayed his Stirling Engines Manual for Enthusiasts . I thumbed through the pages and knew immediately that I wanted it! This excellent book is chock full of useful tips for anyone interested in building or hobby-designing a hot air engine. I recommend it.

Here is another Daniel Lyonnet Web page .


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