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The 2009 Winter Edition of the Lubricator

These pictures supplement the small black and white pictures in our quarterly newsletters. The whole point of this page, then, is to have big color illustrations.

For those with dial-up internet access, this means that downloading some of the larger views will take a fairly long time. Here's hoping you find them worth the wait.

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Ken Duft's Model H Farmall

This photo depicts my recently-restored 1940 Farmall, Model H wheel tractor, as displayed on the grounds at the Palouse Empire Fair.

The Model H is neither rare nor unique, but it did attract a great deal of attention at the fairgrounds and received the "Peoples Choice Award" for its general presentation and quality of restoration. Much of the credit for this restoration effort, of course, goes to my friend, Ray Jeffries of Colfax, who performed a masterful piece of work on the mechanical aspects.

The 1940 Model H was, in 1954, the first wheel tractor to appear on my family's farm in the Shawnee Hills of Southern Illinois, and served to replace one (of two) team(s) of draft horses. Watching my grandfather drive onto our property with that nearly worn-out used tractor, and realizing that I would now have much less horse manure to dispose of, are memories long held deeply in my mind.

Upon retiring from WSU after 41 years of service, I promised myself that I would secure and restore a Model H; thereby reviving that wonderful recollection. As the photo will confirm, the Model H no longer appears so worn-out. Ray and I finished restoring the tractor just in time to run it in the July 4 Johnson Parade and later show it at the Dahmen Barn Harvest Festival.
Ken Duft

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Our newest life member, Andy Gortsema

Andy Gortsema checks out a Model H John Deere equipped with very unusual "square" wheels. Chapter President David Ruark presented Andy with a well deserved Life Membership at the L-C APC autumn meeting in Grangeville, Idaho.

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John Hahn selected for prestigious position

John Hahn of Hahn Tractor Seats in Craigmont has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club, an international club of caterpillar enthusiasts from around the world with over 3,000 members.

Hahn Tractor Seats manufactures antique tractor seats for Caterpillar and any other older truck or tractors. He also continues to re-cover seats of trucks and tractors for local customers. He has shipped his products all over the world. John has a map on the wall of his shop at 509 E. Main Street, Craigmont showing the destination of each seat.

John invites you to come by for a visit and a cup of coffee.

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Are you able to do this?

On Veterans' Day 2008 Chuck Hamilton observed the occasion by slipping into his US Navy uniform. How many of us can still fit into our old service uniforms? You're looking mighty snazzy, Chuck. You've kept yourself in much better shape than the rest of us.

Chuck is a member of the L-C APC Board of Directors and has served as our safety officer for the past several years.

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Everett hard at work

Everett Martin tills the soil near the Uniontown Dahmen barn with his sharp looking Model M John Deere.

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An old tractor hand from away back

Everett and Gloria Martin's 6-year-old grandson, Jason, an old tractor hand from 'way back, shows how it is done.

Whoever thought of using a tractor for playground equipment had a great idea.

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Pedal tractor raffle winner

Mr. Terry Booth of Clarkston, Washington, won the 2008 pedal tractor raffle. The LC-APC conducted the drawing at the autumn meeting in Grangeville, Idaho. Chapter Secretary Nancy Ruark delivered the prize to the lucky winner

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A truck model not often seen

Mr. Jim Koger snapped this photograph of a '40s vintage Nash Truck at the 43rd Annual Yankee Steam Up at the New England Wireless and Steam Museum in E. Greenwich Rhode Island.

Jim captured several other interesting pictures at the show; they will be added, soon.

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