Antique Tractor (and Related) Sites

Here is a hodge-podge collection of antique tractor links accumulated through the years. If you don't find yours please don't be offended. Inclusion and exclusion is completely random. Furthermore, this list is not sorted in any manner: Not alphabetical. Not by quality. Nothing.

Hint: You can use your browser to search for a link on this page. For instance, if you are looking for "Rollag," press Ctrl-F, type Rollag in the blank field, then press Enter. Your browser will take you to "Rollag," if it is on the page.

J.I. Case History (Good site) Antique Tractor Internet Services(A.T.I.S.)
Blake's Place Mailing list subscribe/unsubscribe
Paint Color Listing Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Ass'n
Yesterday's Tractors Magazine Central Hawkeye Gas Engine & Tractor...
Mount Pleasant, Iowa Midwest Old Threshers Reunion (Unofficial)
Reynolds-Alberta Museum Western Antique Iron Trader (W.A.I.T.)
Antique Tractor Resource Page Western Minn. Steam Threshers Reunion
Vintage Farm Tractor Ring Antique Tractor Serial No. Reference
Two Cylinder Online Harrold's Antique Tractor & Engine Links
Rumely Tractors Lund Brothers Custom Steam Threshing
Rummy's John Deere Page Hotlinks and other Resources (Aussie links)
Classic Tractor Collectables The Ultimate Tractor-Related Home Pages...
Tractor-Related Links Mid Michigan Old Gas Tractors Ass'n.
Paynesville Tractor Parts (Salvage) John's Engines, Tractors, and Serial Numbers
Antique Power Magazine Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farmers
Frank's Place (JD) Western Montana Antique Power Ass'n. Brian Ahart's Allis Page
The Old Iron Webring IH Collectors Club, Calif. Chapt. 14
Hanlontown, Iowa (Tractor pictures) Tractor photos and postcards
Bill's Classic Caterpillars Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club
John Deere Model B Tractor Antique John Deere Tractors
Rock Ridge Farm Unofficial Minneapolis-Moline Page
Heritage Tractor Adventure Martin Pavey's Traction Engine Pages (Good links)


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