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Here is a hodge-podge collection of antique engine links accumulated through the years. If you don't find yours please don't be offended. Inclusion and exclusion is completely random. Furthermore, this list is not sorted in any manner: Not alphabetical. Not by quality. Nothing.

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Harry's Old Engine Home Page the Evans Brothers' Old Engines
Peter & Rita Forbes' Lister Pages (Fantastic!) Maytag Collectors Club
Antique Tractor Internet Services Western Antique Iron Trader (W.A.I.T.)
Jim & Dolly's Old Engine Web Site Tri-State (Portland, IN show--the biggest)
Ken's Old Engine Picture Megalist Dave Croft's Page
Morrison and Marvin Engine Works Castings and plans suppliers (Davis Family)
Steve's Old Engine Shed Davis Family Model Engines (V. Good)
Internal Fire Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Ass'n.
Engine Technical Index Root & Vandervoort Page
Stationary Engine List People (Pics) Olympic Sydney 2000
Mailing list subscribe/unsubscribe Ted Brookover's Ignitors Home Page
Nelson's Hobbies Home Page Harry's Old Engine Commercial Ads
Hit & Miss Enterprises Starbolt Engine Supplies
Grenning Model Engines Magneto Charging
Ken [Christison's] Hobbies Ken's Engine Picture Megalist
Old Iron & Other Americana (The Kinney Collections) Harrolds' Antique Tractor and Engine Links
Paint Color Listing Beugler's (pinstriping equipment)
Craig Prucha's Antique Engine Home Page Outstanding! Essentials and Sundries For Antique Engines
Steam & Engine of Australia Central Hawkeye Gas Engine & Tractor...
Rusty Iron Workshop Home Page Otto Gas Engine Works (Piston rings)
Duncan and Sandy's Carrotpatch Zain's Antique Engine Home Page
Arizona Flywheelers Bill's Antique Gas Engines
Reg Ingold's Engines and Models Fort Allen Antique Farm Equipment...
Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farmers Joey Kelley's Elderly Engines
The Old Bill Tremel's Page
New Lister engines (India) Kelley's Elderly Engines
Western Minn. Steam Threshers Reunion (Rollag) The Old Engine Magazine & Directory...
Farm Collector (Gas Engine Mag. etc.) Pioneer Steam & Gas Engine Society
The Old Iron Webring Antique Small Engine Collectors Club
Glenn's Antique Engines Stationary Engine Magazine
Harlan's Hide-Out (Engines) C.B. Schrock, Purveyor of Mach.
Art's Old Iron Patrick Livingston's Old Engines
Steve's Big Flywheel Engine Shed Portland 1999
Portland 2000 Portland 2001
Steve's Big Flywheel Engine Shed Portland Show Reports
Gangadhar Diesel Engine Lister and Petter Rockford Gas and Gasoline Engines
Replica Engines OldMarineEngine.Com
Central Mass. Steam, Gas and Mach. Ass'n. OldMarineEngine.Com
Portable Lightplants and Generators Kano Labs Kroil Penetrating Oil
Anthony Pitts' Engine Page Gus's Generator Page
Cushman Engines Wayne's Antique Pump Engines
Terris Signs & Graphics (Decals) Rough and Tumble
Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club Peter's Old Engines from Oz
Jack's Old Farm Stationary Engines Kerry's Engine Page
Chris & Rod Epping's Rumely... Tractor & Gas Engine Ray Hooley's Ruston-Hornsby Engine Pages
Ignitor Identification List Oostvogel's Historic Engine Page
Oil Field Engine Society John Culp's Antique Stationary Engines
John Ledbetter's Antique Engine Page Lund Brothers
The Holland Family Ron Haskell's Engines
Alleman Family Home Page Chris & Rod Epping's Gas Engines
Bob Shores' Small Gas Engines David McCreath's Engine Page
Cattail Foundry wheels & fifth wheels Gasket Works USA
Wayne's engines George Luhr's model engines Incredible
OldEngine Members' Technical Index The Old Machinery Magazine (Aussie)
Reynolds-Alberta Museum Denis' Stationary Hit & Miss Gas Engine Shed
John's Octane Engine Page Prickwillow Drainage Engine Museum
John Bailey's Webpage of Antique Engines Norm's Old Stuff
Stationary Engine Books Ron Mattson's Antique Engines
MO-KAN Antique Power Assn.,Inc. Russell's Relics
Vermont Gas & Steam Engine Association, Inc. John Hammink's Old Iron
Turtle Mountain Flywheel Club Inc. The Wagner's Home Page
The Parks Collection (Exceptional Columbus)


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