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Here is a hodge-podge collection of metal working links accumulated through the years. If you don't find yours please don't be offended. Inclusion and exclusion is completely random. Furthermore, this list is not sorted in any manner: Not alphabetical. Not by quality. Nothing.

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Morrison and Marvin Engine Works Metalworking FAQ
The Engineman's Models (Exceptional!) Home Workshop Sales (UK)
The Logan Actuator Co. The Model Engineer Support Page
Paint Color Listing Hemingway Workshop Accessories(Good)
Steam in the Garden Magazine W.R. Smith's Horology Page
PM Research J&L Industrial Supply
P.R.I.M.E. N.A.M.E.S.
Metal Express Online Catalog Online Metals Market
Metco Supply Paramount Machinery
Handy & Harman of Canada (Brazing) Ron Reil's site (Forge & Stories)
Online Materials Info. Resource Rio Grande Jewelery Sup. (Lost wax, etc.)
College Engineering Supply (UK) Far West Materials (Foundry supplies)
Wild Bill's Fun With Molten Metal Euclid's Elements (Kilns)
Bayshore Metals Boca Bearings
How to Make Springs (Useful) Selecting Bronze Bearing Materials
MIT elementary machining tutorial Metal Web News
Boston Gear
Thread Cutting Technical Pages Dura Fix Aluminum Welding...
Shopswarf Blacksmith's Gazette
JW Harris (Solder, brazing, fluxes, etc) Bluewater Model Engineering Society
Barnhill Bolt Company Jacobs Chuck, How to Service
Electrolytic Rust Removal "How to" Rusty Tool Restoration
Chaski Message Boards (Good) MetalWorking GearHeads
Al's Mini Lathe Jose Rodriguez's Page (Good!)
Harbor Freight Industrial Metal Supply Co.
KBC Tools, Inc. Grizzly Industrial, Inc.
Jet Equipment & Tools Joe Clar & Sons (New & used)
Dardis Company Phantom Tech Manufacturing Network
Home Metal Shop Club Salesco Metalworking Mach.
Ron Ginger's Page Stuart Marshall (Foundry)
Lathes McMaster-Carr (Huge selection)
Machine Tool Dealers, Used, New Budget Casting Supply
Propane forge Charlie Gallo's carbide page
Charlie Gallo's metalworking page Templeton Tools & Machinery Ltd
Guy Lautard's Site ByVideo (NAMES & PRIME videos)
Poseidon Machine Tools Parker Steel (Metric size metals)
Jan Petersen's MIG welder (Home built) Sparro Machine Products
Metal Spinning Tutorial Alyn Foundry
Boeing Salvage Brownells Gunsmithing Supply
Rivets Plus Fournier Enterprises (Auto sheet metal)
Reid Tool Supply Centaur Forge Blacksmith Supply
Candlelight Forge Home Machinist WWWboard (Useful)
Directory of Clubs and Societies The Copper Page
Metal Shaper FAQ Kevin Ferguson's Toolpost
Dealers Electric Motor Gauge Wire Diameters
Rollie's Dad's Method of Lathe Alignment Kerr Products ( (Investment casting supplies)
Rahn Granite Surface Plate F.A.Q. Doug's Machine Shop
Cookson's (UK) Aluminium Reference Book
Joe's Page (Outstanding work) Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet
Atlas/Craftsman Metal Lathes Meridian Machinery
Rivers Metal Products, Inc. Welding Theory & Application (US Army)
Fundamentals of Mach. Tools (Army) Baycom (Machinist supplies)
Ty's HF 7x10 Mini Lathe Page OMW Metalcrafts
Grizzly Plans Machine Tool Historical Archive
The Making of a Rifled Barrel (Excellent) Boker's Inc. Washers and Spacers
O-Ring Compatibility Casting Forum
Custom Tool & Machine Iron Conservation Machinist Materials
James P. Riser Machinery Page Lost Creek Machine
Model Engineering Suppliers Maryland Metrics
Beaumont Metals (Belt sander plans) Polishing Tumbler Made from a Tire
Morrison and Martin Engine Works (Mery Engine) Bob Powell's Seattle-area Metalworking
New England Brass & Tool Foundry 101 (Good)
California Metal-X Contneti Crucibles
Frank Hoose's Mini Lathe Page Joshua H. Gordis' Heavy 10
Magnolia Babbit Bearing Book Shapiro Supply
Model Engineering Services Metal Lathes Accessories (Great products)
Dermer & Ernst Precision Machine Pledge and Aldworth, Engine Turners
David Reid's Casting Page Jose's Machining Info & Tooling
Milling technical information Home-built DRO
Dermer & Ernst Precision Machine Co. The Virtual Machinist
Dimetek (Non-ferrous casting supplies) Ricard King's Scraping Class
Precision Scraping Dimetek International (Foundry supplies)
Custom Castings by Twaddell Quiet Genius Metal Casting
Hobby Mechanics, Brisbane Au Creative Casting Co. (BAEM) Pat's Metalwork Links
Bob Shores' Small Gas Engines Kindt-Collins (Casting cupplies)
Metalworking Guides Hern Iron Works
Starrett Tools Blacksmithing
Health Risks of Welding Fumes Boeing Surplus
Building the 1/4th Scale 270 Offenhauser Home Machinist's Board
James Riser Metal Spinning Screw & Bolt Torque Chart
Greenfield Tap Selector Guide The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening
Barnes Lathe Restoration (at the Knight Foundry) Joe's Garage (Metalworking index)
Eamonn Keogh's Engine Turning Page (Good) Spinning Metal Balls
Lathe Restoration South Bend Users' Group
Guide to Tool Steel and Heat Treatment Johnson Matthey Metal Joining
South Bend Lathe Gas Fired Furnace
C.A.Jewett's Patternmaking Chest Hand Spun Metals
My Metal-spinning Lathe Antrin Miniature Specialties (Fasteners)
The Practical Machinist (Outstanding) Tony's Precision Scraping Page
Atlas Bronze Anodizing
Welding Distortion Control Little Machine Shop
Sherline Products John's Van-Norman Page
Alan Hopwood's Tooling Apple Rubber Seal Design Guide
Copper Star Ways (Plans, books) The Chipmaker's Metalworking World (Wow!)
The Shed (Foundry, babbit, machining) (Outstanding)
Lathe & Mill Projects (Nice Miser) A Lot of Brass
Cole's Power Models Don Campbell's Models (Worth a look)
Solutions for Mfg. Miniature Threads Speed and feed chart
Bolt grade chart Milling Machine Tapers
Metal Shapers Association (Spinning) r.c.m. FAQ


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