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Here is a hodge-podge collection of model engineering links accumulated through the years. If you don't find yours please don't be offended. Inclusion and exclusion is completely random. Furthermore, this list is not sorted in any manner: Not alphabetical. Not by quality. Nothing.

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Morrison and Marvin Engine Works e-Zee (Little) Steam Engines
Live Steam From Castings ("William" Construction) Project plans (John-Tom)
Model Suppliers List (Outstanding!) Model Engine Builder Magazine (Outstanding!)
BAEM Dustin Skymanski (Jim Dandy)
The Engineman's Models Wow! Ferrari 312 PB replica scale model (Built by Pierre Scerri)
N.A.M.E.S. Grenning Model Engines
Charlie Dockstader's Valve Gear Simulation Lamborn's Miniature Engines
Konrad Mücke's Live Steam is Fun The Model Engineer Support Page
Vancouver Island Model Engineers Craigmill Engineering
Model engine suppliers Steam Loco Wheel Arrangements
Railway Technical Web Pages Mid South Live Steamers
The Camp Creek Railroaders LocoParts
Corris Hill Railway Colorado Model Engineering Society
The Wingrove Workshop Over the Hill Live Steamers
Model IC Engine Construction Projects Florida Live Steamers
Northwest Steam Society Light Stm Pwr Dimensioned Drawings
Mick Collins' Pages (V. Good) Coles' Power Models
American Model Engineering Supply Orrin's Machine Shop Projects
Bob Shores Small Gas Engines The Camp Creek Railroaders
Jerry Howell's Plans (Outstanding) Australian Model Engineering
Stuart Models Steam Engines (UK) The Locomotive Works
Brunell Model Engineering Reeves Model Engineers (UK)
Oregon GEARS Model Engineering Show PM Research
Bailey Craftsman Supply Live Steaming in the Pacific Northwest
Carolwood Pacific Railroad (Interesting) Swanton Pacific Railroad Society
Geared Steam Locomotive Works Steam in the Garden Magazine
The 7+ Narrow Gauger Tiny Power
Ron Stewart's Live Steaming Site Living Steam Railways Online
Building a Model R-E Pumping Engine Ron Ginger (Impressive work)
Historical Model Railway Society North London Soc. of Model Eng.
National Model Railroad Association Santa Rosa Soc. of Model and Exp't'l Eng.
Pennsylvania Live Steamers Northwest Steam Society
Grand Scales Quarterly Davis Family Model Engines (V. Good)
Miniature Engineering Museum Charlie Gallo's Live Steam page
Model Engineering Plans Home of the P. D. C. R. R.
Roanoke Precision Engineering Michael Horgan's Metal and Machine Links
Real Trains RMI Railworks
The Reading Society of Model Engineers Stoomgroep West Zuiderpark
Model Engineering Suppliers Lief's Home Page (Sweden)
Bitter Creek Western Railroad Colorado Midland Railway (Whistle dwg.)
Ottawa Valley Live Steamers Live Steaming Events
Cheddar Models, Ltd. Portland Model Engineers
Pickled Cabbage Railway Large Scale Model Trains
Little Engines Railroad Supply
JGH Technologies Dampf Modell Club Der Schweiz
The Steaming Priest LocoGear
Animators & Railroads Camden Miniature Steam Services
Walt Disney's back yard railroad Ollie Johnston's back yard railroad
Stirling - Steele Engine Golden Gate Live Steamers
Little Samson Models Squirrel Valley Railway
Ray F. HasBrouck Engines w/o Castings (Good) Mel Harris--Harris Locomotive Works
(Worth the wait)
Mountain Car Company Alan Stepney's ME, Steam, Rail Tech. Pages
Long Island Live Steamers North America Steamboat Association
Roundhouse Engineering Northwest Steam Society
The Wingrove Collection 5 Bears Research
Graham Industries (Steam engine kits) Ageless Engines
Bay Area Engine Modelers Morrison Miniature Machines
Steam... The Gallery (very good) Reg Ingold's Engines and Models (Excellent!)
Building the Buzacott Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet
Illinois Live Steamers Building the Northern
Syl's Model Engine Page Dan's Workshop
Cabin Fever Expo Chuck Hackett's Home Page
Internet Craftsmanship Museum On Track in the Garden
Kepler Model Engineering List Railroad Warehouse
The Simplex Locomotive George Luhr's model engines Incredible
GLR Distributors Live Steam Models
New England Model Engineering Society Discover Live Steam


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