About the Lewis-Clark Antique Power Club

The Lewis-Clark Antique Power Club encourages the preservation, restoration and display of all types of early types of engines and tractors. This includes stationary steam engines, steam traction engines, stationary gasoline/kerosene engines, internal combustion powered wheeled and crawler-type tractors, and hot air engines. We are Branch 54 of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association E.D.G.E.&T.A.

We named our club after our base of operations, the twin cities of Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington. In turn, these towns are named after Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, early explorers who passed through and camped here in 1805. The region is noted mostly for logging and wheat farming. Our membership consists mainly of people connected with or retired from these industries.
We proudly count among our membership:
  • The owner of an outstanding Case collection, including the only 110 h.p. Case steam traction engine west of the Rocky Mountains, USA.
  • A dean of the craft of restoration and owner of a magnificent collection of tractors and single cylinder flywheel-type gasoline engines, including several rare ones.
  • The owners of many fine gasoline/kerosene engine collections, including one that numbers somewhere around 150.
  • The finest, nicest people to be found, anywhere.
  • Note: This Web site respects our members' privacy. For that reason their names, addresses, and locations of their collections will not be revealed unless specifically requested by the member.

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