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Now, you probably thought it was pure "blowing smoke" when I told you there were probably more engines still in the sheds than there were on display. Now that you see these, what do you think?

Hidden away in another shed is Andy's 10 h.p. IHC "M," a big Hercules, a rare h.p. Plunket, and a Maid of All Works, to mention a few. Nearly all of them have an interesting story behind them; I can think of no better pastime than to sit in his warm and well-equipped shop and listen to Andy tell about them.

Oh, before I forget. Andy has come back from the dead. Twice. He's one mighty tough guy!

Click here to see under the lean-to. 59k (Use your browser's "back" feature to return to this page.)

Click here to see some Novos. 46k (The odd one is a Frisbie.)

Click here to see this vertical IHC. 34k


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