May 19 and 20, 2001

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The first exhibit that greets a visitor to the "Ole Mill Crankup" is the millhouse where these two gentlemen hold court. Robert Blanchard on the left and his "millers devil" name unknown on the right. They do a great job of explaining the workings of this mill. More information about the mill can be found on the Ole Gilliam Mill Park page.
Barrett Richards of Apex, NC is shown here with his interesting steam display which consists of several lineshaft driven machines and a couple of model steam engines. This display draws a lot of attention due to all of the "monkey motion" one sees on the trailer.
Shown here are two steam engine models and a real neat Mason steam pump

The sawmill on the grounds is run by this great sounding 50 HP Bessemer engine. (How'd you like to have this beauty in your backyard?)
Here is a tobacco stick mill or lath mill. This one was made in Clinton NC by Cook Manufacturing Company.
The Ireland shingle mill was kept busy making cedar shingles.
Charles Kelly of Sanford, NC is shown with his 6 HP heavy Sandwich engine. Charles had a great display of his engines at this show.
This is a rare hopper cooled Plunkett Jr. Owned and shown by Russell Underwood, of Sanford, NC.
This bright little Associated "Chore Boy" is owned by Randy Stafford of Asheboro, NC.
The Kid's tractor pull is always a fun event. This young fellow is giving it all he's got!
Larry Fields of Greensboro, NC is shown here with his display of blowtorches.


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