Our Friends Engines          


1923 Minneapolis 20-60 and 1924 Keck-Gonnerman 22-65.

International Harvester Type "B"

Waterloo Boy

1925 Linn Half-Track

Fairbanks Morse 6 HP

Royal Monarch 1 3/4 HP made by Nelson Brothers

Bulldog 3 HP

Galloway "Masterpeice" Six

Galloway Round Rod 10 HP

Two Model Nanzy engines

A model of a Bessemer oil engine.

1937 Farmall F-12

Some two man chain saws. Mall and Diston

Disston Two Man Chain Saw

Ottawa Log Saw (one flywheel)

30-60 Aultman-Taylor

1895 Frick "Eclipse" 8 X 10

Briggs Mailbox

Briggs & Stratton FI with Gen.

Briggs FH and Briggs FJ1

Briggs FI and Briggs MF

Domestic "Stovepipe" Push Rod & Domestic "Stovepipe" Side Shaft.

"Stovepipe" Domestic Side Shaft.

"Stovepipe" Domestic Push Rod.

Hercules 5 Horse Power EK on original Saw Rig

Full set of Hercules XK's.

Full set of Hercules XK's.

Full set of Hercules XK's.

3 HP Herucles XK experimental.


Animation from Duncan Denman.

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