Our Briggs Collection             

This is most of our Briggs and Stratton Engines. We have more that are either taken apart for restoration or that we do not have pictures of at this time.


1952 Model 6S.

1947 Model WMB.

1942 Model U.

1938 Model H.

1935 Model Y.

1938 Model WMI with fan. Cast gas tank.

1938 Model WI with cast gas tank.

1941 Model WI. 2 bolt base

1930 Model L1.

1941 Model WI.

1934 Model Y.

1942 Model BR6.

1952 Model 5S.

1941 Model WI. 8 bolt base

Model 8AHF on a Toro lawn mower.

1948 Model WI.

1944 Model I. 8 bolt base

1930 Model FI.

1937 Model WM.

1954 Model 6S with Recoil start.

1941 Model I.

1945 Model N.

1939 Model WMB.

1928 Model PB.

Tag on our PB, from mower

1933 Model Y.

1952 Model NP with aircraft blower.

Pincor P-20, Model NP with Pincor transmission.

Model I badged by Mall Tool Company.

1943 Model I, Military.

1938 Model IBP badged by Mall Tool Company. Has flexible shaft with grinder attachment.

Here are a few that are apart for restoration.

1928 Model FH.

1950 Model 5.


1928 Briggs & Stratton PB

1938 Briggs & Stratton H

1938 Briggs & Stratton IBP

1952 Briggs & Stratton NP Aircraft Blower

1943 Briggs & Stratton I (Military)



We also have a 1929 FI, a Model N, a Model NP, and another 1935 Y.

We are looking for a Model WI with float fed carb & We would really like to add one of these to our collection!!!!

And we are also looking for the following Models:  F, FB. FC, FE, FG, FHI, FJ-1, FJ-2, WMG, WBG, PCWM, PC100, PC200, PC300, WR, WIBP,WIPR-6,WMIP, K, M, P, Q, R, S, T, W, WA, and a Water-cooled N (NPW).



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