Paint Codes

Here are paint codes for engines that we know of.

All codes are for DuPont unless noted.

If anyone has more, let us know. 

Will be adding the codes for Ditzler, Martin-Senour, and Sherwin-Williams codes when we have time.


Alamo Blue Line, Blue                                              24160, 67060


Alpha (DeLaval), Green                                                       24166


Arco, Blue                                                                                 BS180


Associated, Red                                                                         2622

                (Head & Cylinder are Silver)


Briggs & Stratton, Black                                                           99


Bulldog Engines (Bates & Edmonds), Maroon                143


Challenge, Dark Green                                                            B8046


Cummins Diesel:

                         Beige                                                                      6722

                         Cummins Beige                                                   K8631

                         Gold                                                                    K8630

                         Gold                                                                    K8669

                         Gold                                                                     25812

                         Gray                                                                       6591

                         Yellow                                                                    3457


Cushman Cub

                         Green                                                                     7498


Cushman Vertical, Green                                                     62713

                               Skids, Red                                                              7410


Desjardins, Red                                                                      RS910


Detroit Diesel, Green                                                             94296


Economy (Sears & Roebuck), Red                                     674


Ellis, Green                                                                                  1317

                 Flywheels & Tank, Red                                                24118



                 Red,                                                                            RS903

                 Green                                                                           78403


Empire, Blue                                                                                7791                   


Fairbanks Morse,

                Type Z Green                                                                72001

                Type N and early Z Green                                             74713

                Type Z battery, Red                                                     RS910



                Early, Gray-Black                                                        DS015

                Later, (Foos Jr.) Dark Gray                                         DS020


Fuller & Johnson

                Dark Green                                                      1317 or B8046



                Old Style, Dark Green                                                   75874

                New Style, Red                                                                  660


Galloway, Red                                                                            8554


GM Diesel, Green                                                                        017



                Red                                                                               RS915

                Trimmed in Blue                                                           BS902


Gray Motor Company

                    Stationary, Red                                                         RS903

                    Marine, Gray                                                            DS017


Hercules, Green                                                              1317 or 7666


Ideal Power Lawn Mower, Red                                            817


Independent Harvester

                    Blue with Gold Trim                                                   3430


Ingeco, Green                                                                              7594


International Harvester

                    Adirondack Green ("M" engines)                              84455

                         Olive Green (Mogul engines)                                      29609

                    IH #50 Red                                                                  7410

                    IHC Red (Older)                                                         44150

                    Gray                                                               98626 or 6923


Jaeger (Hercules), Blue                                                                 5183


Kohler Light Plant, Gray                                                      LS207


John Lauson, Green                                                                 GS908


Lawson-Lawton, Green                                                             1650


O.S. Kelly

                    Yellow                                                                       YS5916

                    Red                                                                            RS 901



Massy-Harris, (Stationary Engine) Red                                    018D


Murphy Diesel, Gray                                                              74563


Nelson Brothers

                 Green                                                                             2015


New Holland

                  Dark Red Maroon                                                       97813

                  Yellow                                                                         94967


New Way

                  Maroon                                                       30420 or K9791

                  Olive                                        29609, 6654, 7421, or G9348



                  Green                                                                           4190

                  Red arrow on flywheel, All engines. 

                  Later ones, handle and governor weight, Gold


Olds,  Dark Red                                                                         34423



                   Log Saw, Green                                                         51197

                   Stationary, Red                                                        RS904


Peerless Motor Co., Red                                                     81372


Reeves Pulley Co. Red                                                        RS907


Rawleigh, Brown                                                                        036


Reo Lawn Mower, Cream                                                      634


Rock Island, Brown                                                               24590


Rockford, Maroon                                                                  51078


Root & Vardervoort

                   Very Early, Maroon                                                     143

                   Others, Green                                                             5316


Sandwich, Green                                           28968, 65541, or 67783            



                   Early, gasoline, Black                                               DS001

                   Early, kerosene, Brown                                             23254

                   Late Style, Green                                                        7498


Sta-Rite, Gray                                                                         LS144



                   Blue                                                              81501 or 7260

                   Gray                                                                         LS200



                    Early, Red                                                   34423 or 2564

                    After 80,000, Green                                                   2015

                    CT engines, Green                                                  GS188

                    Diesels, MV, DV engines, Gray                                57704


Termaat & Mohahan, Green                                                         7498


United,                                                                same as Associated


Waterloo Boy

                   Early, Dark Red                                                         2564

                   Late, Green                                                                5316

                   A few were Gray,                                                  SW4030




                   Black                                                                             99

                   Forest Green (gas engine)                                           5204

                   Gray (some diesels)                                                   45297

                   Embassy Gray (some diesels)                                    29547

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