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Charles (Charlie) Struck started the C.F. Struck Corporation in Cedarburg, Wisconsin and in 1967 made his first mini-dozer, the MD 34. The May 1967 issue of Popular Science did a five page color article on this product of engineering genius. It was a no frills workhorse that could mow your lawn, plow your garden, pull your truck, do light dozing work, etc. You could buy the completed machine, kit, parts and/or plans as you chose. The plans even included blueprints for a plywood body. If you had an engine, you could use it and save money.

In the mid-1970’s Struck introduced the big brother of the mini-dozer, the Magnatrac MT 1800. Over the years, Struck has produced a myraid of products including one of the first scooters for handicapped persons. Because of the quality of their products they are still in business over 40 years after starting the company.

A link to their web site is on the “Links” page.


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