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David Bradley designed a plow for which he became famous in the late 1830ís. He founded his company in 1854 in partnership with Conrad Furst as Furst and Bradley in Chicago, Illinois. In 1884 he bought out Furst, changed the name to the David Bradley Manufacturing Company, and moved the company to Kankakee, Illinois. Sears bought the company in 1910 and the original David Bradley garden tractor appeared in 1948. By 1953 tractors were about all the company made. Four wheel garden tractors made their debut in 1959 as David Bradley Suburbans. In 1962 Sears merged Bradley with another subsidiary, the Newark Ohio Company. 1964 saw the David Bradley name dropped from the Suburban tractors and the Sears brand name was added. In 1966 at Sears direction, the George D. Roper Corporation bought Newark therefore acquiring David Bradley. Later American Yard Products (AYP), another mostly owned by Sears company, bought Roper. AYP was bought by Frigidaire and later by Electrolux. These companies are also a part of Sears Holding Corporation. AYP still makes Sears Craftsman, Husqvarna and Poulan. The basic design of the Sears garden tractors can be traced back to the David Bradley tractors. Later, Roper and Sears garden tractors were almost identical with cosmetics or engine brand being the largest differences.  These were heavy duty, well made garden tractors that could stand up to ground-engaging attachments. From 1960 to the mid 1990ís, Sears offered a huge variety of attachments for their garden tractors. Many were made by Roper while certain ones were made by others.

From a 1968 Brochure

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