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 As stated in the Struck introduction page, Struck Manufacturing Company began producing the Mini-Dozer in 1967 with the MD34. This was followed by the MD40 and MD45. The MD40 had its track based on a flat agricultural chain where as the MD45 was heavier duty and used CA550 chain for the tracks. You could get them in lawn track (flat shoe) or dozer track (grouser) for digging. The next series was the MD50 and MD55. In the mid to late 1970ís the MD1200 and MD1600 were introduced. By the 1990ís the Mini-Dozer had evolved into the Magnatrac Jr or MD567. This was later discontinued in favor of a hydraulic drive instead of the belt drive in the MD750. In the early 2000ís, Struck again revisited the belt drive Mini-Dozer with the MD200 for a limited time. 2008 marked the advent of the RS1000 --- the newest belt drive Mini-Dozer. Throughout the years, the Mini-Dozer has proven to be invaluable workhorse for the homeowner. Attachments over the years have included front attachments such as a dozer blade, snow blower, mower deck and low lift front scoop. A rear sleeve hitch allowed it to become the ultimate gardening aid, pulling tractor, disk, harrow, cultivator, etc. A rear hitch plate allowed pull behind attachments such as a trailer, fertilizer spreader, lawn roller, etc. to be used. The Mini-Dozer has always served as a do-it-all type of investment for the homeowner.

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