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The Struck Magnatrac MT 1800 was introduced in the mid-1970ís as the big brother to the highly successful Mini-Dozer (MD). This tractor featured an all gear drive as compared to the v-belt drive of the MD. With over 30 attachments, the MT was advertised as the crawler tractor for the homeowner. Front attachments included a dozer blade, hydraulic front end loader, low lift front end loader, snow blower, mower deck, and an electric front hitch to handle the implements. Rear attachments included an electric lift and gardening attachments such as a plow, drag harrow, cultivator, toolbar, disk, planter and roto-tiller. There were many pull behind attachments such as trailers and rollers as well as a hydraulically operated back hoe. This made the MT an affordable powerhouse for the homeowner. Power was generated by a Tecumseh engine in either 12 hp or 16 hp versions. Later the MT2000 was introduced and was the same basic tractor with a 9 inch wide track and two sprockets at the front and rear of each track. The next Magnatrac was the MT3000 which had an 18 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. This ended the era of the gear drive units and from about 1990 to the present, the Magnatrac has been produced with hydraulic drive.

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