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About Me


The millennium had come and gone; 2000 was now a reality. In May we were blessed with a beautiful granddaughter. July held the event of our only child signing the contract for his new home. Then tragedy struck as he was diagnosed with lymphoma and spent most of the next 15 months in the hospital. He placed me in charge of overseeing his new home. As we live in the northwest mountains of North Carolina, I soon came to the realization that he would need a garden tractor to mow his steep hillside lawn. The quest began.

eBay produced a likely candidate: a 1973 Roper RT-10 with a broken rod. A successful bid and a trip to Ohio secured it. Now for an engine. eBay again supplied the answer with a Sears Custom 10XL in Illinois. The plan was to use two to make one good tractor. But wait, a better tractor in Pennsylvania, then one in Ohio, then one in Alabama (he got this one).

But what happened to all those other tractors? I discovered that I enjoyed having them around, working on them, and buying and selling them and their implements. Then the collection began to shift gears a bit moving from Sears garden tractors to other venues.

Thus over a few years, I evolved into something I never expected to be....................a




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