Webster Electric Co.

     The Webster Tripolar Oscillator was perhaps the single most common low tension ignition system used on stationary gas engines.  Companies like Galloway, Nelson Brothers, IHC and especially Hercules made very extensive use of this compact and reliable unit.  Others like Fairbanks Morse and Fuller & Johnson only used them in very limited numbers.  To date I have only found one instance in a 1918 piece of dealer correspondence that makes mention of the Webster magneto.  A parts list for the large model K engines lists oscillating magneto parts but makes no mention as to if they were for a Webster, Sumter, Wizard or Bosch and the parts are not illustrated.  While there are bracket numbers that would cover the whole line of N and K engines it is not know if they were ever manufactured and fitted to engines either at the factory or dealer level or in the field.  At this time I only know of a 6hp People's Priced that was retrofitted with a Webster and also a 1 1/2hp N which apparently was equipped with a Webster at the factory.  Why F&J did not make more extensive use of this popular system will likely never be known.  Perhaps Webster could not deliver them in enough quantity?  Or maybe Sumter beat them on price since they were already supplying large numbers of magnetos to F&J?  Whatever the reason it makes finding a Webster equipped F&J engine today an incredibly rare sight.

A very rare Webster plugoscillator equipped Peoples Priced engine